EU recognizes critical role of Pakistan in bringing peace in Afghanistan

The European Union has recognized the critical role of Pakistan in bringing peace in Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan, Ambassador of European Union to Pakistan Androulla Kaminara said Pakistan played a key role in safe evacuation of EU nationals from Afghanistan.

She said over the last few weeks, there have been scores of meetings between representatives of the European Union as well as individual members of EU states with Pakistani authorities mainly on the situation arising out of Afghanistan.

Androulla Kaminara appreciated Pakistan’s declaration that government in Kabul must be inclusive and women should also be given representation.

The EU ambassador said the bloc has been following the regional developments very closely after the take-over of Kabul by Taliban. She said the EU is interested in respect of human rights, an inclusive government in Afghanistan and evacuation of EU citizens and Afghan nationals who want to leave the country.

She said the EU has provided 57 million Euros in aid to Afghanistan since the beginning of this year. Besides, the bloc has announced to quadruple this amount and last week additional one hundred million Euros were announced for the war-ravaged country.

The EU ambassador said we will continue to provide aid to Afghanistan to avert any humanitarian crisis in that country. She, however, ruled out the possibility of recognition of the Taliban government by EU at this stage.