Enemies of Armed Forces are enemies of Pakistan

| PM says Opposition has a problem with army because they always catch their corruption | India’s BJP wanted to divide Pakistan and Sharif is toeing narrative of Modi

ISLAMABAD   –  Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that there were no tensions between civil and military leadership. He said Pakistan Army while remaining within its constitutional limits was standing with the elected democratic government. 

Prime Minister was chairing a meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokespersons and senior party leadership including federal ministers that was primarily called to formulate strategy to deal with the opposition’s anti-government movement under the banner of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). 

“The opposition had a problem with Pakistan Army because it [army] exposes their corruption,” PM was quoted as saying by sources during the meeting. “Those who are enemies of the Pakistan Army are enemies of the country,” he said in reference to the recent public statements of former PM and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif.  “The government will defend its institution,” Imran Khan said.

PM made it clear to the spokesperson that the government was facing no threat from the opposition and they and others party leaders should expose the opposition aggressively at all levels and all forums.

PM criticised former PM Nawaz Sharif’s rhetoric against the army and said that his statements used to appease India. PM Imran Khan in the meeting alleged India’s BJP wanted to divide Pakistan and Sharif is toeing the narrative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both Nawaz Sharif and India want to weaken Pakistani institutions, he said, and asked the whole nation to stay united in the face of an Indian conspiracy

PM said ex-PM Sharif wanted the public to come out on the streets while his own children sit comfortably in London. “What kind of revolution is this?” he asked. He also questioned why Sharif did not speak against then Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Zaheer-ul-Islam when he sat in right in front of him. PM said that the opposition parties were toeing their personal agendas and they had nothing to do with the in interests of the country.

“The nation is familiar with the corruption of PPP and PML-N,” PM said adding that they would not be given any underhand deal like NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance). The problem of opposition is that they are not being offered any deal to scot them free of corruption cases, he added.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan was given a briefing on the government’s response to the expected protests and rallies of the opposition. Separately, PM also chaired a meeting of political committee comprising of senior PTI leaders as well as federal ministers .The committee decided that government would aggressively respond to the opposition’s rhetoric against its policies and state institutions. The committee decided that the government would make efforts to bring former PM Sharif back into the country. Sharif has been staying in London since November 2019 for his medical treatment.

The meeting also briefed PM on the steps taken by the government to bring former PM back to the country. The political committee comprised of federal ministers including Shafqat Mahmood, Asad Umar, Fawad Chaudhry, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and two advisors to the PM including Babar Awan and Barrister Shahzad Akbar.

PDM, an alliance of almost all major opposition parties in the country, has announced its first public meeting on October 11 in Quetta saying this would mark the beginning of their anti-government campaign. The alliance is seeking ouster of the government on allegations of rigging in last general elections and bringing the country’s economy near to collapse.

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