Dubai slams rumours about COVID-19 situation in emirate

Dubai: The Dubai government has reiterated its efforts to maintain the highest level of protection against the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the full compliance with preventive and precautionary measures.

Reacting to a story by the Associated Press (AP) about the COVID-19 situation in Dubai, the Dubai Government’s Media Office issued a statement rebuffing AP’s claims.

Dubai has started a massive free vaccination campaign, with more than 120 vaccination centres set up across the emirate, and several more centres will be set up in the coming weeks.

The UAE has so far administered 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, covering a fifth of its population. UAE authorities are set to further speed up the vaccination campaign

The death rate in the UAE is 0.3 per cent, making it one of the world’s lowest COVID-19 death rates, thanks to the highly advanced and well-staffed healthcare infrastructure.

Dubai authorities adopt a zero-tolerance policy in enforcing preventive guidelines and health protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing and precautionary measures in all restaurants, hotels, social gatherings and entertainment outlets.

Regular and widespread inspections are carried out to ensure stringent adherence to precautionary measures by businesses and public facilities. Those who violate these measures face severe penalties.

Dubai’s Emirates offers the global airline industry’s first comprehensive multi-risk travel insurance coverage and COVID-19 cover for all its customers, which includes out-of-country emergency medical expenses of up to $500,000.

Economically, Dubai continues to demonstrate its resilience from the pandemic’s repercussions.

Supported by Dh7.1 billion stimulus package, Dubai has seen a strong rebound in sectors across the economy.

The 4 per cent annual increase in new licences, issued by the Dubai Economy in 2020, clearly demonstrates a rise in growth opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Customs transactions recorded by Dubai Customs saw a significant rise of 23 per cent to 16 million in 2020, despite the challenging global environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dubai’s robust economic policies have ensured financial stability and prudent debt management; Dubai World completed recently repaid its $8.2 billion debt more than two years ahead of schedule.

Dubai also set a global model for crisis preparedness and transition to an online environment. Government departments have offered undisrupted services due to its investment in advanced digital platforms throughout the pandemic.

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