DIY HOMEMADE DISINFECTANT, HAND SANITIZER AND ANTI-BACTERIAL SPRAYS, SOAPS AND WIPES RECIPES: Protect Yourself from Germs, Bacterial and Infections Using Natural Essential Oils and Vinegar

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Hand hygiene: why is it important?

The hands are always in interaction with an environment populated by micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds). Once contaminated with these microbes, the hands transport and disseminate them.

Good hand hygiene helps to reduce or limit the risk of transmission of germs responsible for infectious diseases (such as the flu, acute gastroenteritis, germs responsible for food poisoning).


When should soap and water be used?

It is important to wash your hands, especially:

•             When your hands are visibly dirty;

•             Before and after handling food;

•             Before eating;

•             Before touching a person susceptible to infections;

•             Before taking medication;

•             After blowing your nose;

•             After sneezing or coughing in his hands;

•             After using the toilet;

•             After changing a baby’s diaper;

•             After handling garbage;

•             After touching or playing with a pet;

•             After having attended public places (transport, shopping centers);

•             After various activities


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