Could this be your Lucky Day?

Ten million dirhams is a life-changing sum of money, no matter how wealthy you are. It’s the biggest prize on the Dream Island platform, where players can log on to try their luck at winning a special numbers game.

A little over two weeks since the cash prize-offering games portal’s launch, with 5,000 paying players and 3,000 winners so far, tonight sees Dream Island’s biggest draw – Lucky Day.

Read on to find out how Lucky Day works, what the potential prizes on offer are and how you can take part.

How does it work?

Participating is easy. At a cost of Dh50, you can choose five numbers from the first set (between 1 and 31, each representing a day of the month) and one number from 1 to 12 from a second (the number of months in a year).

Different permutations of successful picks result in various winnings. The big Lucky Day winners who manage to correctly guess all six numbers from the draw will get an equal share of the Dh10-million jackpot. If you get all five from the first pool right but miss out on the second, you’ll get a share of the second prize of Dh1 million. Third prize (Dh10,000) goes to each winner who correctly picks four numbers from the first set and gets their second-set pick right as well. If you land just four right from set one with a miss on set two or three from set one with a correct set two, you’ll win Dh1,000. Finally, the fifth Dh100 prize goes to every player who correctly picks either: two (set one) plus one (set two); one (set one) plus one (set two); or none from set one but a winner on set two.

Asked about the most popular numbers players opt for, Nour, Dream Island’s Marketing Manager, says, “We get different numbers being picked all the time. Most people choose based on birth dates and personally auspicious occasions, such as anniversaries.

“For tonight’s big prize, there is no limit on the number of winners. If 100 people get all their numbers right, each one wins Dh100,000. The first and second prizes are shared – third, fourth and fifth are not.”

If you’re interested in seeing if tonight could be your big night, you have until 7pm UAE time to play. Just open in your browser, add Dh50 and click Lucky Day to start. This video shows you how it works:

Limited-time promotions

Dream Island is home to a number of different games that can win lucky players real cash. The platform also hosts regular promotions too.

From tomorrow, topping up your Dream Island wallet with Dh250 will give you an extra Dh50 to play with, applicable to Dh1,000.

Meanwhile, players logging in to the platform every day from tomorrow until January 25 will get a dirham a day credited to their account, which can be used towards playing games – and remember, each play of Dream Five, the match-and-win game that costs Dh10 to play, could win you up to Dh4,000.

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