ChefHachiro Vegetable Chopper

ChefHachiro Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Cucumber Slicer, Onion Cube Cutter Dicer with Container, Easy to Clean Kitchenware combo with Stainless Steel Blades

Price: $24.99

(as of Oct 21,2021 11:11:49 UTC – Details)

About ChefHachiro

ChefHachiro is dedicated to provide the most efficient household kitchenware.
Affordability, safety, and efficiency are our main objectives as a reliable supplier.
Our beloved customers can enjoy all sorts of kitchen appliances: juicer, grinder, slicer, shredder, grater, you name it.

About This Product

Cooking is an essential part of living, but it’s also a perfect hobby to get into and admire your own creation or your family and friends’ reaction. However, there are things that we like and dislike in cooking. For some, it’s the meal prep; for some, it’s the cleaning part.

Fear not, with our Veggie Chopper, your efficiency is going to take a great step forward. This is the ideal option for all cooking enthusiasts. Slicing, cutting, dicing, grating, this can do it all!

What You Get

Container with lid x1
Fine Cube Cutter x1
Coarse Cube Cutter x1
Rectangular Cutter x1
Fine Slicer x1
Coarse Slicer x1
Shredder/Grater x1

🍳【Efficient Meal Prep】 Food Prepping has never been easier! Throw some large pieces of vegetables, herbs, boneless meats on to the blade, and it’ll come out perfect within seconds. Multi-Purpose Food Chopper can also be used as slicer, dicer, grater with our 5 different cutter attachments.
🍳【Simple Process】 5 different cutter attachments suit all your meal prep needs. Simply insert the desired cutter and use either the pressing mechanism to cut vegetables into cubes, or the slicer dicer attachment with the finger guard to grate & shred safely.
🍳【No Electricity Needed】 Hand-powered food processor is the perfect addition in small kitchen or RV while traveling and camping. Bring the versatile cube chopper with you and enjoy the getaway with the time you saved by using our amazing multi-purpose Mandoline slicer. Anti-skid base design prevents slipping while you’re at it!
🍳【Easy to Clean】 Lift the cover up, then the rest will come apart easily. Carefully remove the stainless steel blades and other attachments to avoid injuries! Dishwasher safe material allows headache-free cleaning process.
🍳【Safe Operation】 Safety is always guaranteed no matter how you utilize this product: chopping, slicing, grating, shredding. The removable cutters are hidden within the container and all you have to do is press the lid, or use our finger guard to avoid potential injuries while you’re operating other attachments!