Cabinet approves National Cyber Security Policy 2021

The federal cabinet has approved National Cyber Security Policy 2021 for data protection and prevention of cybercrimes.

This was announced by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain while addressing media persons about decisions taken in the federal cabinet that met in Islamabad today (Tuesday) with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair.

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said the policy has been introduced keeping in view the enhanced significance of cyber regime.

He said approval was also given to dual nationality of Pakistan with Czech Republic and a new policy for foreign investment in the country. He said the new policy for foreign investment is aimed at providing security to international investors and reducing international litigation against Pakistan’s bilateral agreements.

Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said the cabinet members congratulated the Prime Minister over PTI’s victory in Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections. He appreciated the efforts of Federal Ministers Ali Amin Gandapur and Murad Saeed as well as Chairman Kashmir Committee Shehryar Khan Afridi for running a successful election campaign in AJK.

The cabinet offered Fateha over the martyrdom of four military soldiers during election duty and the people who died during elections.

Over opposition’s diatribes against PTI for rigging in elections, the Minister said our government is first in the history that did everything for the transparency in elections. He said due to our fair conduct in election, we accepted our defeat in by-elections.

The Minister said a comprehensive report regarding use of excessive protocol was presented in the cabinet. According to the report, federal government is utilizing minimum protocol facilities while judiciary is using maximum in terms of total expense.

The cabinet was informed that 762 police personnel, 14 Rangers and 50 FC officers are deployed by the Federal Capital Police on the security of the President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers of State, Advisors and Special Assistants with a total expenditure of 700.98 million rupees per annum.

The security of Judges is manned by 377 policemen, 24 Rangers and eight FC personnel with an annual expenditure of 287.368 million rupees. Similarly, a total of 106 policemen, four Rangers, 47 FC personnel are deployed on the security of government figures with an expenditure of 109.7 million rupees. Thus, the total expenditure is 1098.08 million rupees per annum.

It was told that the annual cost of providing security to the Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister by Punjab Police is 446.86 million rupees, while 105.87 million rupees are spent on providing security to former Chief Ministers, Federal and Provincial Ministers, Advisors and Special Assistants. Over 1.14 billion rupees were incurred for providing security to Judges and 833.616 million rupees per annum for providing security to government figures. The total expenditure on providing security to various people is over 2.5 billion rupees per annum.

The cabinet was also apprised that the annual expenditure of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police in provision of security is about 998.34 million rupees.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government’s primary responsibility is to protect taxpayers’ money and it should be used properly.

The cabinet decided that security would be provided on the basis of valid reasons and not as a status symbol. In this regard, the cabinet approved the setting up of a high level Threat Assessment Committee.

The cabinet also gave approval to government’s Digital Advertisement Policy 2021. Under the policy, advertisements will be made digital, while ensuring transparency.

The Minister said for the first time in the history, zero payment is pending against government’s advertisements. He said we are working on the legislation to protect journalists against non-payments of salaries.

The cabinet gave approval to Red Crescent for importing five Ambulances from Japan. These ambulances have been gifted by Japan to Red Crescent.