BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment behind new K-Pop game

K-Pop is on a mission to conquer not just the real world but also the world of games with the arrival of the mobile game Rhythm Hive on Thursday. 

The game, backed by Big Hit Entertainment, features the mega-popular band BTS among other K-Pop acts, reported Variety. 

Users can play the music of artists under BHE in a number of different formats, including with friends in a live stage mode or in a competitive ‘mix challenge’ mode. Players can also participate in teams, choosing specific parts and melodies of different available songs to play.

Available songs include BTS’s Life Goes On, Tomorrow X Together’s Blue Hour, and Enhyphen’s Given-Taken. 

Rhythm Hive is produced by Superb Corp., an independent corporation that is said to lead Big Hit Entertainment’s foray into gaming.

Variety explains that the game includes ‘performance cards’ that display the group members of the song played. “The card has vocal and harmony points, and players can score bonus points depending on the card level,” they reported.

Card packs and gift boxes were also made available at various other online events as part of the game launch on Thursday. Superb Corp. also teased regular game updates including for Grand Prix Season 1 that will include more competition and rankings.

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