Asim Azhar is thankful for Hania Aamir’s input in song |

Singer Asim Azhar has been in the news for a while now. Not only did he release two back to back singles, but everyone has been talking about his relationship with Dil Ruba’s star Hania Aamir.

His latest track, Soneya, has received an overwhelming response after being released on Thursday. Taking to Twitter, Azhar said that he was finally trending for the right reasons.

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On Saturday, Asim decided to address the rumours once again. Taking to Twitter he retweeted a tweet from Hania and said: “The worlds been very eager to know why I’ve put you in special thanks. Haha. Still remember the first time you heard it. and all the changes you’d make me do! Aaaah. So happy you like it.”

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Soneya is written by Kunaal Vermaa and composed by Asim himself. The song was also trending on YouTube. His other track, Tum Tum, also received an overwhelming response and it was trending on
Youtube at #1 for a while.

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