Army continues to support govt as per Constitution, says COAS

ISLAMABAD – Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa, said yesterday that their actions are guided by the Constitution and national interest of Pakistan. 

He said that there are important undertakings and Pakistan Army is proud to support the nation as it has always supported us, especially when the army was fighting the physical enemies of Pakistan.

“You will appreciate that today Pakistan is, Alhamdullilah, secure from military point of view. We continue to support the government, whenever asked to, as per the law and guidelines of the Constitution,” said the army chief while addressing the passing out cadets at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Abbottabad.

General Qamar Bajwa said, “We Pakistanis have proved that we can do wonders when we keep national interest above our parochial, institutional and personal interests. Our fight against terrorism, COVID, floods and our response to locust threat is a testimony to both our capacity to work and deliver,” he further said.

The passed out cadets belonged to the 142nd PMA Long Course, 32nd Technical Graduate Course, 61st Integrated Course, 16th Lady Cadet Course and 1st Basic Military Training Course. Cadets from Palestine, Maldives, Qatar and Sri Lanka were also among the passed out courses. 

Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa was chief guest on the occasion.

The COAS told the gathering that the enemies who plotted the nation’s doom and destruction were watching them with disdain. “Having failed and feeling frustrated, they have now subjected us to a 24/7 hybrid war. This war is not fought in the battle fields but in the minds,” he further said.

“In previous wars, soldiers were taking the brunt on the frontline; in this new war, however, leadership at all levels is the target. It is a huge challenge that you will be confronted with from the day one. Please keep in mind that not only you have to discern light from the darkness, but also protect your men from sedition,” he added. 

Everything will be fine

Addressing the participants of the ceremony, the COAS said, “We are all soldiers of Pakistan regardless of our caste, creed, sect and ethnicity and we will always stand together as one, as this is our strength. The objective of hybrid war is to target the sense of hope in Pakistan and to perpetuate the perception of ‘Yahan Kuch Acha Nahi ho Sakta. Let me tell you, ‘Yahan Sub Acha Hoga’. 

The COAS said they do not confuse sincere critique from hybrid war. Most voices that might seem loud, come from a place of love, patriotism and trust and, therefore, must be heeded. “We must listen to our people and apply corrections where needed. These voices are a proof that we are alive and well as a nation that is moving in the right direction. Our strength is our strong bond with our people, constitution of our country, democracy and the democratic values that our people follow and, therefore, we shall defend this bond and our democratic values to the hilt,” he said.

The COAS said the Army not only defeated the scourge of terrorism but also gave a bloody nose to a five times bigger army in February 2019. He said that Pakistan Army is a true reflection of the proud nation. He asked the cadets to maintain their sacred trust with unflinching commitment and total loyalty. He also asked the cadets to strive to remain disciplined, dutiful and above board. “You will be required to live your youthful years in frugality and hardship. Consider it, not as a challenge and not as a punishment. Ours is the path less travelled. In this path you first commit and deliver before you are rewarded,” he said. “We are in a situation which is termed by our enemy as ‘No Peace, no War’. In fact we have snatched the peace from the jaws of war and we will protect it with our lives,” he told the gathering. 

At the same time, he said, one must realize that peace is not an end in itself. “Our decades of efforts will be wasted if we are unable to protect the base from where our nation will rise to the heights of economic sovereignty and ideological maturity thus truly becoming Quaid’s Pakistan,” he added. 

General Bajwa further said that like many countries in the past, Pakistan have also subjected to wars, terrorism and economic strangulation that has broken many countries, but Alhamdulliah! the country has survived. “Now, it is only through the synergy and actualization of our true national potential that we shall rise and progress. That is why, we have put our heart and soul in achieving stability by keeping Quaid’s vision of ‘peace within and peace without’ as our motto,” the COAS said further. 

The COAS congratulated the passing out cadets on the most memorable day of their life, the day when they joined the officers’ corps of Pakistan Army. He especially extended his heartiest felicitations to the foreign cadets and wished them all the success in their future endeavors. He also congratulated the parents who were part of the momentous ceremony.

The COAS also reviewed the parade and gave awards to distinguished cadets. The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Academy Senior Under Officer Muhammad Faateh of 142nd PMA Long Course. The President’s Gold Medal to Battalion Senior Under Officer Junaid Khan of 142nd PMA Long Course, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Overseas Gold Medal to Under Officer Naazim Naseer of 142nd PMA Long Course from Maldives, Chief of Army Staff Cane to Company Junior Under Officer Tanawosh of 32nd Technical Graduate Course and Commandant Cane awarded to Sargent Hamza Tariq of 61st Integrated Course, Company Sargent Major Ada Urooj of 16th Lady Cadet Course and Company Under Officer Mehwish Anjum of 1st Basic Military Training Course.

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