ANF foils bid to smuggle 32kg heroin in 32 cricket bats to UK


7:20 PM | August 16, 2020

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has foiled a bid to smuggle huge a quantity of heroin to Britain on Sunday.

An ANF team during an operation at the Cargo Complex of Allama Iqbal International Airport of Lahore seized 32 kilos of heroin hidden in 32 cricket bats. The heroin is said to be worth Rs.400 million.

The ANF personnel recovered the drug from the DHL courier service company’s cargo shade.

A resident of Lahore’s Township, Asad Ali, booked the shipment for Najeeb Ahmad who lives in Britain’s Donca Centre.

After seizing the 32 kg heroin, the ANF officials have started to trace the accused and their facilitator.

ANF had foiled many attempts to smuggle drugs from the Lahore Airport.

On October 20, 2019, ANF foiled an attempt to smuggle heroin, worth millions of rupees to London, at Allama Iqbal International Airport. The ANF officials recovered heroin which was hidden in the cargo parcel. The parcel was booked for London from Islamabad.

The ANF officials have started a further investigation.  

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