4 killed, two injured by hit-and-run driver in Islamabad

At least four people were killed and two sustained serious injuries after being hit by a speeding car at Islamabad’s Srinagar Highway, on Tuesday.

A speeding car with the number plate Prado WX-077 hit other vehicles at G-11, Islamabad, leaving four dead and two severely wounded in the middle of Monday night and fled from the scene.

Superintendent Police (SP) Sarfraz Virk told media that the owner of Best Western Hotel, Waqas, was also present in the car along with his wife Kashmala Tariq’s son Azlan Khan that hit the people on the highway.

The driver, Fayyaz, of the vehicle reportedly belonging to Best Western Hotel owner Waqas, was taken into custody by police officials.

Police told media that Waqas received wounds on his face following the accident and reportedly went to a hospital. Police added that a search is underway to arrest him for investigation, whereas, the suspected vehicle was already taken into custody.

Rescue sources said that three among deceased people belong to Mansehra and identified as Amir Shakeel, Farooq and Haider Ali. Traffic Police told media that CCTV footages are being collected to ascertain the details about the vehicle, whereas, suspicions were also raised regarding another vehicle with number plate, Fortuner GAH-555 which is present on the scene.

According to Traffic Police, Prado WX-077 hit the other vehicles on the highway. An eyewitness said that the young man was driving the speeding vehicle which belongs to the owner of Best Western Hotel.

Sources said that the driver is being blamed to hit the cars before the police during the investigation into the incident.

(This story has been published from Such TV feed, without modifications to the text)